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Service Hotline: 0537-3713266

Service Promises: we highly appreciate your selection of the series products manufactured by Jining Xinglong Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!

To protect your legal rights and interests and eliminate the troubles followed, we provide you with the following warranty commitments and services:

  ① Our company will select the optimal proposals strictly according to the national standards, contract and technical specifications and will carry out comprehensive quality tracking, supervision and inspection to ensure good product quality.

  ② We will provide free services to you within one year from the date when the product was purchased. Life-long repair services will be provided after the guarantee period.

  ③ Instruction manual for usage and quality certificate shall be provided to the users together with the product.

Service Instructions:

  1. Introduce the details of the performance of machines and provide technical trainings to the maintenance staff of the factory.

  2. Carefully answer the questions raised by the maintenance staff of the factory in details.